Hey, sweet human. How do you want to change the world this year? Our hope is that this one simple question will inspire you to turn your passion into action. We do some much through the virtual world (just like how you’re reading this right now!). And while social media is an amazing tool, Hey, Sweet Human founder, Rachael Lee Stroud, has found that through documenting people through portrait photography and asking this question, no one has answered by stating that they want to change the world by posting a Facebook status or tweeting opinions into the universe.

Hey, Sweet Human is a network for world changers to be heard…and your voice matters. Through sharing our hearts, these desires become a call to action. We are currently building our directory of Sweet Humans, and if you know someone who runs a non-profit organization that could use some support, leave a comment below or shoot us an email at heysweethuman@gmail.com.

Also, if you are looking for ways to use your unique purpose to make an impact, reach out so that we can share your passion to inspire others and possibly even connect you to an organization you can get involved with! Hey, Sweet Human is a mission to connect people to their purpose.

So…how do you want to change the world this year? Stay up to date with our daily world changers on Instagram at @HeySweetHuman.